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What We Do

ConnectKentucky's mission is to accelerate the growth of technology in support of community and economic development, improved healthcare, enhanced education, and more effective government. In order to fulfill the mission, ConnectKentucky provides multiple technology services.

Computers 4 Kids

Computers 4 Kids (C4K) is an innovative project that brings together public and private partners to help disadvantaged children and their families join the Information Age. The program is the most comprehensive initia tive of its kind undertaken by any state as it is intended to help underprivileged individuals overcome the obstacles associated with the digital divide. This is accomplished by placing computers in the hands of disad vantaged populations so that they have access to abundant technological resources and can perform basic computing functions.

Digital Works

Digital Works help connect people to twenty-first century jobs by offering customer service and technology training, while utilitzing broadband technology for inbound customer service for global corporations.


The Drive Learning Hub offers a diverse range of training resourses at not cost to both learners and trainers. The training collections range from basic computer skills and computer security, to curriculum that extends job skills and promotes entrepreneurship.

Prescription for Innovation

Kentucky's Prescription for Innovation is a comprehensive plan to accelerate technology growth, particularly in the areas of broadband deployment and technology literacy and usage.

Products and Services

ConnectKentucky is leading the way into a new economy for the Commonwealth. As a collaboration of private and public entities, ConnectKentucky is uniquely positioned to facilitate technology-based economic development. We are able to encourage the increased adoption of technology across the entire Commonwealth in a way that is beneficial to businesses, public institutions and households. ConnectKentucky is an established and trusted presence in each of Kentucky’s 120 counties and can effectively help organizations and businesses incorporate technology in a way that furthers their missions and bottom lines.

ConnectKentucky's eCommunity Strategies team offers IT Services, Technology Training and Program Management Consulting Services.

Research Link

Imagine having access to the research of all Kentucky universities at your fingertips? Sound intriguing...

The ConnectKentucky ResearchLink is a searchable collection of Kentucky's publicly-funded research. The vision for the KY ResearchLink is that it will facilitate research-based economic development within the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Project information is provided by each institution of higher learning and is updated on at least a monthly basis. In support of Kentucky's efforts to expand sponsored research within the Commonwealth, this centralized resource will allow all interested parties to easily access and track existing research projects. Additionally, this initiative will enable the Commonwealth to benchmark its research successes on a continual basis and to assist in identifying potential future research endeavors. The ConnectKentucky ResearchLink is funded through Council on Postsecondary Education.

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