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What Others Are Saying

"Without the ConnectKentucky maps and the work of ConnectKentucky staff in the field to keep the maps current and accurate, Pendleton County would never had had the tools to develop our network, and we would very likely still have more than half of our residents without broadband."

Henry Bertram, County Judge Executive
Pendleton County, Kentucky
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"As you and your colleagues at the FCC work to develop national broadband policies, I encourage you to find creative ways that you could use the ConnectKentucky model."

Jiten Shah, Executive Director
Green River Area Development District
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"Our small community is full of artisans and craftsman who can now sell their products all over the world. We would probably still be on dial-up if it weren't for ConnectKentucky bringing us together with Southeast Telephone to build support and find funds for broadband infrastructure."

Dennis Atha, Mayor
City of Monterey, Kentucky
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"While it is evident that ConnectKentucky works with local officials and broadband providers in Kentucky to bring the highest bandwidth solutions to each citizen and business, ConnectKentucky is also realistic enough to understand that there is not always a viable business case for fiber to every home – which was the case for us – we simply did not have the funding for a fiber optic system, nor did our citizens want to be taxed for it."

Hal Goode, Executive Director
Springfield-Washington Economic Development Authority
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"It is my opinion that ConnectKentucky and other programs like it are an invaluable tool to help communities help themselves. Their invaluable leadership and knowledge base helps to create a public-private partnership that stimulates the local economy, promotes education, increases tourism and development, and offers increased access to broadband in underdeveloped or rural areas."

Brent Graden, Director of Economic Development
City of Prestonsburg, Kentucky
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"It's just incredible to see what ConnectKentucky has accomplished. I think it's a great template."

Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate
Federal Communications Commission

"ConnectKentucky connects people to technology in a way that helps improve their lives."

John Hall, Chairman
ConnectKentucky Steering Committee
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